Find Dental Crown Services in Beachwood, NJ

Find Dental Crown Services in Beachwood, NJ

Beachwood Dental Arts will replace missing teeth

When the structure of your tooth is compromised, a tooth crown can cover all the surfaces. Beachwood Dental Arts offers dental crown services in Beachwood, New Jersey.

A tooth crown caps a tooth and is bonded with cement for a fit that can last for more than a decade. Crowns provide a better way to chew and bite than other systems. A dentist will make sure there is a proper fit while matching the color to your existing teeth.

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Each step of the process is important

Getting a dental crown involves multiple visits to our office. The process involves:

  1. Preparing your tooth or teeth for the crown’s placement
  2. Taking an impression to use for the creation of the crown
  3. Providing a temporary crown at the end of your first appointment
  4. Placing the crown and adjusting the fit and appearance
  5. Permanently cementing the dental crown in your mouth

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